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  • Christopher Rusho

    Is there any way to get a simple step count from the Apple Watch? Not workouts, not all the fancy stuff, just a regular-old pedometer-style step count? It seems like you eliminate the ability to just pull steps from everything — Apple Health, Garmin devices, etc. You're not always "doing a workout" — you're working; you're shopping — these things aren't workouts, so they don't show up. I've got this thing connected to a Garmin Vivosmart, an Apple Watch, and and Oura — which one will just give me a regular-old step count, from the moment I wake up to the moment I go to bed? I see it on the vivosmart every time I lift my wrist; how do I get this number into Cronometer, and why doesn't it even show up in the list of available Garmin data. Yet, we can now "calculate the thermic burn of food". Great, but can't the basics stay as well?

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